About our Council

OLBH Council 7079 founded on February 27th, 2006.

Our Lady of the Black Hills is home to KoC Council 7079 with over 100 active council members.
We live united in faith and charity, supporting our diocese, parish, and communitiy.
Join Us in brotherhood.

Current Officers

Grand Knight Deputy Grand Knight Inside Gaurd
Aaron Denekamp Wade Rhodes Derrek Siemienaiak
Chaplain Lecturer Outside Gaurd
Father Andrzej Wyrostek Wes Mendenhall Daniel Johnson
Financial Secretary Chancellor 1-year Trustee
Jeremy Thompson Jason Serfling Richard Long
Treasurer Advocate 2-year Trustee
Josh Philbrick Andrew Boyd John Gehlsen
Warden Recorder 3-year Trustee
Pascal Bedard Jr Todd Curtis Tom Collings Sr.

Knights in Action

In service to one, In service to all

$5000+ Annually in Charitable Contributions
3000+ Man-Hours of Charitable Service Annually

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